“The Well Delicatessen” factory manufactures delicacies and develops exclusive products for each and every customer.

We manufacture confitures, spreads, sauces, liquors and more for delis, boutique hotels, catering companies and many restaurants all over the country.

All under the client’s own branding according to his needs. It assimilates and empowers the brand’s name, in order to differentiate by branding itself to increase the products’ basket and sales turnover.

Interested in self branding for your business? Contact us to schedule a meeting 052-6930349

Among our clients are: Cafe Louise, Broitman bread, Lahmanina, Jermy Shivuk, Sheraton Hotel, Greenberg Bistro, Carcur Nature Store, tutsi deli.


the well private label
Sheraton confiture
the well souses
the well souses

Among our clients are: Cafe Louise, Sheraton Hotel, Greenberg Bistro, Center of almond and marzipan, nature of Karkur, bread of Tomer, Celia and Reviva, Bustan Avraham and more.