First Dishes

Polenta is patented

1 Liter water (or chicken stock for meat version)
1 cup thin corn flour for polenta
Atlantic sea salt
White pepper
70 g butter (or 1/3 cup olive oil)
Selection of “The Well Delicatessen” spreads
Fine grated cheese

1. Choose the thickest pot in the kitchen, preferably a casting pot.
2 .Pour a liter of water and bring to a boil.
3. When the water is almost boiling, slowly add a cup of high quality corn flour.
4. Mix continuously until the mush begins to crystallize.
5. Add about 70 g butter or olive oil, high quality salt to taste and white pepper.
6. Prepare a Pyrex dish or dish with heat resistant saucers upside down and oiled with olive oil.
7. Continue to cook until the sauce is separated from the sides of the pot (about half an hour).
8. Pour the porridge into the pan until you cover the upside down bowls and let cool.
9. After the polenta has been formed, turn on a serving plate, pull out the small bowls and fill the holes with different spreads: dried tomato paste, olive tapenade, peppers paste, eggplant and mint and / or hot pepper paste.
10. Sprinkle over grated cheese (we used the Gouda and Pecorino of Jacobs farm.)

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