How do you make jam? Or rather a confiture

Good confiture preserves not only the fruit and taste, it also preserves season and smell, atmosphere and experience. If you want to make jams and home-made salads, get some tips from “The Well Delicatessen”:
1. Work with a lot of emotion and patience, and keep an eye on the jam you cook.
2. Use high quality fruit. Rinse the fruit well, select and discard the damaged ones.
3. Use a large pot, with the thickest tube in the house.
4. At the beginning of cooking, put a few small flasks in the freezer for later clotting.
5. Even when the jam looks liquid, do not stop mixing and stirring. Fruit stuck to the bottom is not something you want in your pot.
6. Stay alert and watch your jam. It’s sticky, dirty, and worse than a milk spill.
7. The foam that appears on the jam is actually air. It can be forced, but in an effective mix it disappears.
8. When the jam looks ready to you, the bubbles become transparent, the texture is more rigid and it receives vitreous glare. Remove the saucer from the freezer, pour a little jam over it, and turn the plate upside down. If the jam remains on the saucer, it is ready. If it flows too fast, you can continue cooking.
9. Pour the jam into sterilized jars (washed with boiling water and thoroughly dried). Do it when the jam is boiling and immediately close the caps.
10. After opening, store in the refrigerator and make sure to keep clean: Do not put in an empty spoon or crumbs in order to prevent the formation of mold

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