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We are proud to be part of the Galilee region, known for its wonderful natural resources: green fields, spring water, fresh air, thousands of acres of orchards and vineyards. And dozens of manufacturers of quality food products: wineries, dairies, bakeries and olive presses.


The well factory is a kosher and Sabbath-keeping factory, and all products of the well are kosher Parve delicacies (with no fear of dipped and seventh, and during the Passover holiday, Kosher for Passover) under the supervision of Rabbanut Rosh Pina, headed by Rabbi Avraham Davidovitch.

Perfect for vegetarians and vegans!

In our production process we do not use animal materials at all, so all well products are delicacies suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The special flavors of our spreads, sauces and jams enhance each dish and harmonize with vegetables and legumes, and bring a lot of joy and taste to the pot and the plate.


All of our products are hand-made using traditional methods, while ensuring maximum quality and compliance with high standards and conditions. The Well Delicacies Factory is a manufacturer approved by the Ministry of Health, Manufacturer Code 1687/4.


All our products are manufactured in an environment friendly glassware. The patches can be removed with hot water and the jars and bottles are reusable.

Our products

the well liquors

Liqueurs and gift packages

The quality liquors of “The Well Delicatessen” are made from the extraction of fresh fruits and spices. This is also the reason why, during the year

the well confiture


One of our specialties is the production of fine jams. What is the difference between confiture and jam? Confiture is a much higher quality product

the well series of spreads


Our premium spreads series is recommended for eating on bread or crackers, excellent for cooking and baking. Improving the taste of any sauce for pasta

the well sauces


The sauces series of “The Well Delicatessen” excels in unique and original flavors, our sauces are very concentrated, they integrate perfectly into salads

Updates and recipes

What's new?

Our new and special spread Our new and special spread Our special new spread.


Over the years we have collected more and more recipes, which use well products and delicacies. Appetizers, mains, salads and desserts – all of them take our best out of our products


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